Cloud Atlas reactions 2012-10-30

Cloud Atlas has come out Friday and I’ve never seen such a controversy and wide spectrum of reactions.
Incredible to see a film I’ve worked on among the top two in the US. Especially because it was so much fun to work on being part of one of the most unusual films.

Some quotes that I liked (for obvious reasons ;-) ):

“The past sounds rich and majestic, while the future sounds intriguing and new. Kudos to the sound designers and soundtrackers, who add an impressive heft to the film’s impact.”
Wired Magazine

“Both the visuals and sound design are phenomenal and the ability to capture the uniqueness of each time period is quite amazing.”

“The score is great, the camerawork is superlative, the screenplay is remarkably solid, the sound design is wonderful… this film is a technical marvel in practically every way.”